Welcome to CAFT in Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence

The Madras Veterinary College is an institute of international eminence in India, with 109 years of Excellence in veterinary medicine and allied Sciences. The department was entrusted by ICAR with the responsibility for the development of human resource in the field of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, considering its significant contribution and achievements. ICAR thus provided Centre of Advance Studies (CAS) status in 1994-95 and Centre of Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT) from 2010-11 to the department. Since then department has contributed immensely in training faculty from different parts of the country to strengthen human resource in the field of Veterinary Clinical Medicine. It serves as a Centre of excellence in India in the field of Veterinary Clinical Medicine.

The Centre has a Director at its helm supported by a competent faculty including stalwarts known nationally and internationally. The centre has well developed clinical units with strong technical and scientific support. Specialized equipments are available in the clinical units. The centre also has a library which hosts number of journals, books and manuals, proceedings and dissertations submitted in the department. Faculty is specialized in major fields of Veterinary Clinical Medicine viz, Clinical procedures, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Endoscopy, dialysis. etc. The centre develops training programme aiming to disseminate state of the art clinical skills to solve recent emerging problems to trainees from various parts of the country.

The other features include

  • Tertiary care veterinary teaching hospital with more than109 years of clinical excellence.
  • Outpatient medical practice with a case load of 150-200 per day. Dedicated small animal inpatient unit with round the clock veterinary care.
  • Well equipped-round the clock emergency and critical care and support services.

The faculty is specialized and has contributed immensely in the various fields of Veterinary Clinical Medicine. Under this scheme so far 35 trainings have been successfully conducted.