Bargur, Anthiyur Taluk, Erode District

Bargur cattle are one of draught purpose cattle breeds belonging to Tamil Nadu. This breed was evolved in and around Bargur Hills of Tamil Nadu. Population of Bargur cattle has been declining drastically in the last three decades. Population of the Bargur cattle in the native tract was estimated to be 95,400 in 1977,which got reduced to 46,600 in 1982 and 10,102 in 2003.Recent enumeration of purebred Bargur cattle in its entire native tract in the year 2007,revealed that the presence of about 2500 heads with only 1100 breedable females. Thus there has been decline of more than 93 % in the breedable female population size of Bargur cattle from 1977 to 2009. The population size falls under endangered category as per prescribed standards for conservation.
Hence, this station is being established by TANUVAS with an aim to conserve this Bargur breed of cattle. About 50 acres of land has been earmarked by Erode district administration for transfer to BCRS. Government of Tamil Nadu has issued Government order on the Establishment of Bargur cattle Research Station, Bargur on 22.04.2015. This station will be established at Oosimalai area of Bargur Hills over a period of four years. At present, BCRS is functioning temporarily at Panchayat office building, Bargur. A base office has been functioning in Anthiyur. The address is, II Floor, AVK Complex, Annamaduvu, Pachampalayam-PO, Anthiyur-Tk, Erode-Dt.

Total budget of the project is 600 lakhs, with following split up details

  • GOI Project on NPBB fund - 516.5 lakhs
  • MLACDS, Anthiyur fund - 25.0 lakhs
  • NBAGR, Karnal Scheme fund -58.5 lakhs
  • Contact Number: 94435-17695
Land leveling using machinery
Vice Chancellor's visit to BCRS
District Collector's visit to BCRS



Dr. A.Paramasiavm, Associate Professor and Head | | Mobile: +91 - 9443078745
Dr. P.Ganapathi, Assistant Professor| | Mobile: +91 - 9566692227, 9042058592
Dr. R.Subash, Assistant Professor