Courses offered

Besides four under graduate courses namely BVSc & AH, BTech (Food Technology), BTech (Poultry Production Technology) and BTech (Dairy Technology), the University also offers post graduate courses namely MVSc in 22 disciplines, MTech (Food Technology), PhD in 20 disciplines of animal and veterinary sciences and PhD in Food Technology. In addition, the University also offers various Postgraduate Diploma Courses, MPhil in Biotechnology and MBA in Food and Livestock Business Management.

Postgraduate Degree Programme

  • Master of Veterinary Science - MVSc (2 Years) in 22 disciplines
  • Master of Technology (Food Technology) – MTech (FT) (2 years)
  • Master of Science - MSc (2 Years) in 2 disciplines (Bioinformatics and Biostatistics)
  • Master of Business Administration – MBA (2 Years) in Food and Livestock Business Management

Doctoral Degree Programme

  • Doctor of Philosophy – PhD (Veterinary and Animal Sciences) (3 Years) in 20 disciplines
  • Doctor of Philosophy – PhD (Food Technology) (3 Years)

Postgraduate Diploma Programme

  • PG Diploma in Business Management (Animal & Fisheries Sciences)
  • PG Diploma in Bio-informatics
  • PG Diploma in Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis
  • PG Diploma in Companion Animal Practice

M.Phil. Programme

  • Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology - MPhil

Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology - MPhil

Duration and eligibility Tentative date for calling for application
  • The duration of course is one year comprising of two semesters. This course is designed to meet the requirements of students with scientific background who are specifically interested in the study of scientific developments in Biotechnology and the applications of this knowledge, skills and tools in the fields of molecular and biological sciences. This course will provide high quality postgraduate training in biotechnology, which meets the needs of pharmaceutical and biochemical industries for research and development.
  • Eligibility for admission is possession of Master's degree in the disciplines of Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Gene Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Genetics, Marine Biology and Fisheries Sciences (except Fisheries Economics and Fisheries Extension) from the recognized University or any other recognized as equivalent.
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